Same Day Delivery Service

Our standard courier service to all our customers. We will deliver your shipments within the same day if we pick up before 1pm, whether it’s documents or parcels.

Next Day Delivery Service

A service well designed for e-commerce customers, all shipments will be dispatched on the next day after pickup. We also offer different time slot of delivery to provide conveniences to consignees for receiving their shipments.

After-Office-Hours Delivery Service

This service is designed to meet the needs of our valued customers for delivering important shipments after office hours, whether it’s in the evening or weekend.

Bulk Delivery Service

Door to door delivery of bulk shipments within Singapore at economical rates.

Reverse Delivery Service

This service is designed to fulfill expectation from our valued customers to pick up shipments from third party and deliver back to shipper or other party.

Delivery Order Return Service

A value-added service for our customers to obtain endorsed delivery orders from their valued customers when we deliver their valued shipments.

Payment Collection Service

We assist our valued customers to collect payments (cash or cheques) from the consignees for cash-on-delivery shipments.

Mail Processing Service

This service is designed to assist corporations with bulk mails delivery by helping them on mails pre-processing, franking mails, and posting of mails.

Singapore – Malaysia cross border delivery

We have strategic Malaysia partner to provide timely delivery service from Singapore to Malaysia, or from Malaysia to Singapore. We provide documents preparation, import and export permit declaration.
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